Leadership Training
and Staff Development


Employee Training of Expertise

At Perception Learning, we have a wide range of soft skills training courses to suit your needs.Our most popular staff development topics are below.

  • Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Feedback
  • Team Building
  • Career Development
  • Productivity
  • Project Management
  • Negotiation
  • Stress Management
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Delegation
  • Performance Management

Purchase Ready to Go Training Courses

If you are in a hurry or looking for a budget friendly option,choosing one or more off-the-shelf training courses below could be the right move for your staff development. These training courses have already been developed and delivered for other satisfied clients, so they are ready to go for your upcoming training workshop.

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Everything DiSC® Training Series

Everything DiSC® solutions provide rich, versatile training courses that offer personal insight for learners at every level of an organization, using a consistent language of DiSC®.Using a research-validated learning model, each solution provides in-depth information including tips, strategies, and action plans to help learners become more effective in the workplace. All Everything DiSC solutions include unlimited access to complimentary follow-up reports and My Everything DiSC®,the interactive learning portal exclusive to Everything DiSC. There are three training workshops available: 1)for all employees, 2) for supervisors, and 3) for senior leaders.
(In-person; 2-hour and 4-hour training workshops available)

Presentation Skills

Presentations are everywhere, from formal talks at a conference to leading an important meeting. Hone your skills with information, guidance, tools, and resources to develop strong presentations. In particular, participants will learn how to deliver technical information effectively to a wide variety of audiences. With a focus on participation and practice, learners will discover the process of planning, designing, and delivering effective presentations. This training workshop offers an optional "intensive" option where participants give real presentations that are recorded and reviewed to hone in on strengths and challenge areas.
(in-person, 4-hour skills session or a 2-3 day intensive training workshop)

Effective Coaching and Feedback

People want to know where they stand.Yet, so many struggle with having honest conversations. Maybe it is fear of making things worse. Maybe it is the pressure of time getting in the way. Or maybe it is a struggle to get a message across as intended. In this highly interactive training workshop,participants will learn critical skills for coaching to engage employees and maximize their performance through the effective use of feedback. By blending modern coaching models with practical tools, participants will leave the training workshop with new skills to support their relationships with direct reports.
(In-person, 4-hour and full day training workshops available)

Principled Negotiation

The modern workplace is riddled with negotiations of all shapes and sizes. Inexperienced negotiators and even many experienced negotiators tend to assume they have a choice between two main strategies: negotiate in a tough, demanding manner or in a friendly,accommodating manner. In fact, there’s a better, third way of negotiating—one that doesn’t rely on toughness or accommodation, but that will improve your likelihood of meeting your negotiation goals. Grounded in the pivotal negotiation text, "Getting to Yes," this highly engaging training workshop provides participants with strategies, tools, and techniques to use in negotiations of all shapes to produce wise outcomes efficiently and amicably.
(In-person, 4-hour and full day training workshops  available)

Skills for Inclusion

There is a wealth of research showing that diverse workforces create a competitive edge for organizations. Yet,people at all levels struggle with knowing how to navigate workplace diversity in a constructive manner. This training workshop dives into the "inclusion" side of D&I, providing a wide range of specific skills to help celebrate diversity and maximize its benefits.Using the Me-You-Us approach, this training course helps participants foster self-awareness of bias and its manifestations, to find new ways to understand and appreciate others, and to create a means to enhance the relationship between individuals.
(In-person; 4-hour and full day training workshops available)

Employee Training and Development Solutions
That Fit Like a Glove

Your organization is unique, so why should Employee Training and Development be any different? Our Perception Customized Process ensures you have precisely the training workshops  you want to satisfy your specific Staff Development needs.

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Step 1 - Initiation

During Initiation, we will meet to discuss your employee training goals for the session. Typical questions during this meeting include: 

  • What training course content areas are you interested in including? 
  • What business outcomes are you trying to influence with this employee training programs? 
  • Who will be included in this organization training and why?
  • What constraints do you have (e.g., time restrictions, remote participants, price etc.)? 
  • Think to the future: the employee training and development efforts was a smashing success and everyone is back at work. What looks different to you now?

After this discussion, we will finalize pricing information and provide options so you can select a level of effort that is within your budget. The initiation process is free of charge. You only start paying once you agree on a level of effort and decide to proceed.

Step 2 - Customization

After the initial discussion, our team organizes a detailed content outline that explains the content, training workshops, and reference materials for the entire session. We then meet with you to review the outline and to gather specific information that will help us tailor examples and activities throughout the session. After this meeting, we begin to develop training courses including slides and the participant companion for your course.

Step 3 - Training Review

This is where your training course begins to come alive. After the customization process, we send you our draft slides and participant companion for your review. Specifically, we are interested in ensuring that the examples, in-class exercises, and take-away resources are perfectly suited for your employee training and development needs. After you have some time to review, we will meet with you to discuss any last pieces of feedback that you would like incorporated into your course.

Step 4 - Delivery

It's go time! Your course is now ready to be released to your workforce. Your exceptional corporate trainer is versed in the core skills that lead to enduring learning experiences: group dynamics, adult learning theory, oratory skills, and real-life experience. More than the classroom experience itself, we can also deliver longer-term performance support such as Reinforcement Toolkits that make it easy for your leadership to hone and maintain the skills people learn during their classroom experience.

Step 5 - Results

We don't believe in "train and pray." We want to build enduring learning experiences, which means gathering meaningful evaluation data to show the impact of this effort. At a minimum, this includes thoughtful end-of-course evaluations gathered electronically. We can also do more comprehensive evaluation to understand the longer-term impacts of your staff development training effort on the organization with recommendations for how to make sure the learning sticks.